Who We Are

Committed to Caring Since 1967

Capitol Medical Center came into the Philippine Health Community at the dawn of the revolutionary seventies – the martial law years. It was founded by Dr. Thelma Navarrete-Clemente, Mr. Luis C. Clemente and a handful of her contemporaries in the medical profession. The center was built and inaugurated on March 19, 1970, three years after the corporation was first organized in March, 1967. As it stands today, Capitol Medical Center is a modern medical and organizational complex existing as a whole system for the total care of the individual. The institution’s progress over the years can be clearly seen from its rapid extension.


From an initial 100 bed capacity in 1970, it has expanded up to 300 beds and is now accredited as a Center for Excellence by Philippine Health Insurance Corp (PHIC.) An outstanding feature of the institution’s operations is the continuing sustained program for the upgrading of its facilities and equipments to keep abreast with the latest developments in medical and health technology, allowing the highest degree of sophistication and modernity in its services. CMC can now boast a wide array of health care services for inpatients and outpatients. It continues to make a difference in the life of the people through the delivery of Tender Loving Care (TLC) which is its brand of service transcending from the 70’s to the present.

Our Mission

Capitol Medical Center is dedicated to the delivery of total quality health care services in partnership with competent and ethical physicians, professionals and staff utilizing internationally accepted technology, facilities and systems. Capitol Medical Center continually strives to be a role model in the delivery of excellent and comprehensive health care services.

Our Vision

Capitol Medical Center envisions itself to be a globally recognized healthcare institution.

Our Legacy

Throughout the years, we never fail to change the way patients receive healthcare through advanced medical breakthroughs and exceptional skills.

Our Core Values

We uphold our core values in ensuring patients a healing experience like no other.

This encompasses our concern, empathy, and consideration for the needs and values of patients and customers. This core value is best manifested when the following are observed and practiced:
  • A. Genuine Concern – Provide genuine concern to the individuals the organization serves.
  • B. Sensitivity & Attentiveness – Value every individual; being sensitive and attentive to their needs in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • C. Understanding the Patient’s Background – Understand the patient’s sociocultural, psychological, and economic influences; and communicates effectively with patients and among the staff, both  verbal and non-verbal to achieve the greatest well-being and highest potential for a patient.
  • D. Full Moral Support – Provide customers with cheerful help even under the most difficult circumstances.
  • E. Compassion – Provide safe, compassionate service to patients, community, and staff.
We consistently use current knowledge and theory while understanding personal limits, integrate judgment and the customer’s perspectives, embrace advancement, challenges, and work towards acquiring new knowledge. You practice excellence if you:
  • A. Great Work Performance – Provide highest quality and best practice in all departments and workplace.
  • B. First-Rate Competence & Professionalism – Demonstrate high level of knowledge and skill in all aspects of the profession.
  • C. Advanced Medical Knowledge & Technology – Implement patient-care interventions and technology with precision and skill.
  • D. Active Integrative & Collaborative Practices – Participate in integrative and collaborative practice to promote high quality health and educational outcomes.
  • E. Determination & Resolve for Excellence – Strive for excellence through continuous learning and improving skills, programs, and services to exceed customer satisfaction.
  • F. Continuous Improvement – Committed to continuous improvement and seek to set recognized performance standards within the organization.
  • G. Maintain a High Level of Patient Care – Utilize and incorporate data, standards of care and best practices into work processes and decision making.
We perform our responsibilities with collective and coordinated efforts of staff with diverse talents, backgrounds, ideas and experiences to create solutions and benefit customers. Teamwork is best observed and promoted through:
  • A. Search & Nurture Individuals – Continuously search and nurture untapped talents as well as discover new resources and value varied/diverse perspectives.
  • B. Value Talents & their Contributions – Recognize and value each person’s talents and contributions.
  • C. Raise Great Leaders – Develop leaders who will set clear expectations and inspire action toward a share vision.
  • D. Open Communication – Provide timely and direct feedback to facilitate collaboration.
  • E. “Together We Stand” – Give value to team success.
  • F. Recognize & Encourage – Recognize and encourage the value of people and team.
We make it a point that the patient is the first and utmost consideration to all decisions. We observe through:
  • A. Respect for Patients and their Families – Demonstrate respect for patients and their families with care, concern, courtesy and compassion.
  • B. Identify & Exceed Patient Expectations – Identify areas for improvement to exceed customer expectations.
  • C. Patients’ Unique Needs – Be guided by the unique needs of patients/clients.
  • D. Patients’ Safety & Wellness – Prioritize patients’ safety and wellness.
  • E. Providing Patients with the Best Service – Attend to patient with the objective of giving them the best service without compromising their individual needs.
We practice steadfast adherence to high ethical and professional principles, truthfulness, and fairness. It is knowing and doing what is right. Integrity is manifested through:
  • A. Rules, Regulations, and Laws – Abides by the rules, regulations and applicable laws.
  • B. Ideals & Values – Articulates and internalizes stated ideals and values.
  • C. Company Mission – Lives out its mission.
  • D. Core Values – Resolves dilemmas with respect to a consistent set of core values.
  • E. Limitations – Knows limitations and acts accordingly.
  • F. Limits of Expertise & Referrals – Recognizes the limits of expertise and makes referrals appropriately.
  • G. Practice Values & Ethical Standards – Promotes employment situations that are congruent with practice values and professional ethical standards.
  • H. Truth & Honesty in Action – Fosters trust by being truthful and consistent in actions and words. Keeps its commitments.
  • I. Values & Embraces Diversity – Practice truthfulness and honesty in the course of his routine work. Recognizes values and embraces diversity.
  • J. High Standards of Behavior – Conducts hospital business with high standards of behavior.