Department of Anesthesiology

The Anesthesia services were provided by more than a dozen members of the active medical staff of the Section of Anesthesiology which was then under the Department of Surgery, and a handful of visiting anesthesiologists.

In 1980, the Section of Anesthesiology was elevated to what is now the Department of Anesthesiology. At present, there are 19 active members (consultants) in the department. To ensure round the clock availability of anesthesia services, one or two active members are on call 24-hours a day. This is complemented by a house anesthesiologist (HA), who stays in 24-hour duty. Since 1999, the Philippine Society of Anesthesiologist (PSA) Board of Directors approved to adopt the World Federation of Anesthesiologists (WFSA).

Departmental Objectives

The objectives of CMC's Department of Anesthesiology are as follows:

  • To support the vision and mission of Capitol Medical Center to be globally recognized healthcare institution with competent staff in clinical anesthesiology, peri-operative medicine and pain management imbued with dedication, integrity, fairness, and equality of service to patients of whatever economic stature.
  • To adopt and support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Safe Surgery Saves Lives” with established framework involving the sequence of pre-operative evaluation of patient, intra-operative anesthetic management and care, and preparation for appropriate post anesthesia care included in the safe anesthesia practice guidelines of the Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists
  • To be partners with other staff utilizing internationally accepted facilities, systems, and technologies.
  • As a new initiative and as part of the Continuing Quality Improvement (CQI), the department shall encourage and endeavor the teaching of other medical staff particularly the postgraduate interns and residents in training about peri-operative anesthesia and pain management.

Practice Guidelines

CMC's Department of Anesthesiology strictly follows the safety anesthesia guidelines of the Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists. The Salient points in the said guidelines are:

  • A thorough and complete pre-operative evaluation of all patients.
  • The presence of vigilant and well informed anesthesiologist throughout the operative and immediate post-operative periods.
  • Monitors are only an extension of the vigilant anesthesiologist.
  • Immediate life-saving measures should always take precedence in an emergency.
  • Highly recommended basic requirements are mandatory for the conduct of Safe Anesthesia practice. As a tertiary hospital, the department through the CMC management shall strive to meet as many of the recommended and suggested standards.

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