Patient's Guide

We are committed to accommodating the needs of our patients and visitors to facilitate a healing and comfortable environment during your stay at Capitol Medical Center. This Patient & Visitor Guide is meant to make your visit with us more pleasant. If at any time during your stay you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff. We would be happy to help! We look forward to seeing and serving, you soon.

Out-Patient Diagnostic Procedures

For outpatient diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, our Central Registration counter serves as your entry point to conveniently access the following services:


B. RADIOLOGY (CT Scan, MRI, General X-Ray, Mammography, General Ultrasound, OB-Ultrasound)




F. NICV (Heart Station)



I. Other Outpatient Services

From the Central Registration Counter, you will be asked to proceed to the Cashier for payment. After your transaction with the Cashier, you may go directly to the respective diagnostic area where our staff will be ready to assist you. For a more orderly process, your name is automatically queued once your request has been processed by the Cashier.

Our Central Registration Counters are located at GF Main Lobby from Monday to Sunday from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm and 2nd Floor (beside Laboratory) from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For patients who will be availing of the following services need not pass the Central Registration counter and can directly proceed to the following service units:

A. Outpatient OR, DR and ER services

B. Outpatient Dialysis

C. OPD Consultation

D. Cathlab

E. Physical Therapy

For inquiries, your may contact our Information Center 02-8-372-3825 to 44 loc.  4109 or 4120.

Admission Procedure

A. Reservations must be arranged with the Admitting Section. Confirmation of reservation made will be done by our Admitting Staff a day prior to the admission. Please be ready with the DOCTORS ORDER, PHILHEALTH requirements and HMO cards (if you are a cardholder) when you make your request for admission.

B. Company account patients are requested to bring valid ID’s and authorization letter from the company to facilitate admission.

C. You may choose from the following Room Types (please visit link: Patient Rooms).Payments for initial services or diagnostic procedures might be required upon admission. The amount depends on the type of room accommodation. An additional amount will be requested for patients scheduled for surgery. All payments are credited to the total account of the patient. Any excess thereof will be refunded in cash upon the patient’s discharge.

D. Should you request for a Room Transfer, simply fill up the Room Transfer Slip with a minimum fee charged to your account.

PhilHealth Requirements

If you are a Philhealth/Medicare member or dependent, you may enjoy its benefits and get percentage of reduction in your medical expenses. Should you wish to file your claim for medicare benefits, please  submit the following requirements to our Business Office located at the Ground Floor, CMC main building.


  1. Certification from the employer (Part IV of CF-1)
  2. Philhealth ID or any valid ID
  3. From your employer:
    3.a Member Data Record (MDR)
    3.b Summary or Certification of PHILHEALTH contribution (Six (6) months prior to confinement if without operation)

B. INFORMAL ECONOMY MEMBER (Individually Paying Program/Self-Employed)

  1. Member Data Record (MDR)
  2. Philhealth ID or any valid ID
  3. Clear copy of Official Receipts covering Six (6) months prior to confinement if without operation


  1. Member Data Record (MDR) with validity period
  2. Clear Copy of Official Receipt/s covering qualifying contribution


  1. Family Health ID card with validity period
  2. Member Data Record (MDR)


  1. Philhealth ID for non-paying member
  2. Member Data Record (MDR)


  1. Member Data Record (MDR) wherein the name of the dependent is stipulated
  2. Spouse : Marriage Contract with Civil Registry number
  3. Children below 21 years old: Birth Certificate of dependent with Civil Registry Number
  4. Parent 60 years old and above: Copy of Birth Certificate of member with Civil Registry Number & Photocopy of Senior Citizen ID

To call our PHILHEALTH Officer, you may dial 5238131 local 2054.

Emergency Services

Patients requiring emergency care may directly proceed to our Emergency Department located along Panay Ave.

For ambulance service or to speak with our ER Personnel, please dial 371-2157 loc. 1165, 1121,1122

Visitors & Companion Guide

A. One watcher is advised to take care of the patient occupying our rooms, this is to minimize unnecessary disturbance to other patients. Responsible watchers for confined children are absolutely necessary.

B. Visiting hours are until 9:00 pm only. A request that “No Visitors Allowed” may be arranged with the  Nursing Station nearby. Children under 12 years old are advised to limit visits to avoid possible acquisition of viruses or infections.

C. Smoking is strictly prohibited within hospital premises.

Discharge Procedure

Patients are discharged only upon doctor’s order. Such order is written on the chart. Once the discharge order is given, the patient is advised to make arrangements and secure a discharge slip from the Business Office.

How to Get to CMC

CMC is conveniently situated at the heart of the “Health Care and Wellness Hub” of Quezon City, Philippines. CMC is within minutes from whatever you want to do and wherever you want to do. Located along Quezon Avenue corner Sct. Magbanua St., Quezon City, just minutes away from coffee shops, Filipino, American, Japanese, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean and Spanish restaurants, shopping malls, parks, bookstores and spas.

Capitol Medical Center is located in the heart of Quezon City, and is accessible via public transportation. For directions on how to get to CMC please refer to the map on our Contact Us page.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

As a patient you have a right to:

1. Good quality Health Care and Humane Treatment without any discrimination and within the limits of the resources available for health care; with respect to your human dignity, culture, convictions and integrity and with treatment provided; in accordance to generally accepted medical principle.

2. To choose your Physician/ Health Institution, except when you are on HMO service or when you choose to avail the service ward. In such instances, a designated Attending Physician will be assigned to you. Likewise, you have the right to a second opinion or to change physician/health institution, which should be expressed in writing.

3. Informed Consent

a. You have the right to self determination, and make free decisions; and shall be provided with a clear explanation, all proposed and contemplated diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, including identity and professional circumstances of the person/s performing the said procedures. Such explanation may include but not limited to the benefits, risks, side effects and probability of success or failure; taking into account your or your legal representative/family’ level of education, dialect language; in order to fully understand the proposed procedure/s, and consider the voluntariness in giving the consent.

b. If you are unconscious or unable to express your will, such informed consent will be obtained from your legal representative. However, when there is urgency of the medical intervention or in cases of emergency, such consent may be presumed.

c. If you are a minor or legally incompetent, such informed consent will be obtained from your legal representative, taking into account your involvement in making rational decisions according to the fullest extent allowed by your mental capacity. In case where the decision of your legal representative is contrary to your best interest, such a decision may be challenged in court.

4. Refuse Diagnostic and Medical treatment provided the following conditions are satisfied:

a. Patient is eighteen and above, and mentally competent.

b. Patient is informed of the medical consequences of his refusal.

c. Patient releases those involved in his care from any obligation relative to the consequences of his decision.

d. Patient refusal will not jeopardize public health and safety.

5. Religious Belief and Assistance including the help of a minister of your chosen religion. You may refuse medical treatment or procedure, which may be contrary to your religious beliefs.

6. Privacy and Confidentiality including the right not to be subjected to exposure i.e. photography, publications, videotaping, discussion or other means that would reveal your identity or the circumstances for which you sought to be admitted. Likewise all information pertinent to your health status, medical condition, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment and all other information will be protected and kept confidential, except in cases of court litigation as ordered, when public health and safety so demand disclosure, when consent is given, and during medical or scientific forum for the advancement of science and medicine where your identity will be protected, and when otherwise required by law.

7. Disclosure of Information as to the nature of and extent of your disease or other additional or contemplated procedure, billing and other charges, other continuing health requirements needed following discharge, and who shall be otherwise informed. Such disclosure may be withheld or deferred at some future time upon consultation with your family, as appropriate to the local culture, in a manner that can be understood. You may upon explicit request, not be informed unless required for the protection of another person’s life.

8. Refuse Participation in Medical Research that may affect your care or treatment, and such a research may only be performed upon your consent.

9. Advance Directive, duly executed in conformity of existing laws.

10. Informed of your Rights and Responsibilities as a patient.



As a patient, you are responsible to:

1. Provide the best of your knowledge, adequate, accurate, and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, prior hospitalizations, medications, and other manners related to your physician or any member of your healthcare team.

2. Report unexpected changes to your health condition or symptom including pain, to your physician or any member of your health care team.

3. Understand the purpose and cost of treatment before deciding to accept it, and shall notify your physician if you do not understand any information about your care or treatment.

4. Follow the treatment plan recommended by your health care provider.

5. Keep appointments and, when you are unable to do so for any reason, notify the health care provider or health care facility.

6. Accept consequence of your Owned Informed Consent or take responsibility for your actions if your refuse treatment and not follow the instructions or advice of your physician.

7. Assure that the financial obligations of your health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible.

8. Respect the rights of health care providers, health care institution and other patients and act in a considerate and/or cooperative manner and shall give respect to the rights and properties of others, as well as follow the policies, rules and regulations of the health care institution.

9. Respect the right to privacy of health care providers and institution and shall submit grievances to the proper authorities or venue and  not resort to unwarranted publicity in the media. Any alleged complaint against your health care provider, in particular, your physician, and/or  institution not fully decided by a court or administrative tribunal or proper jurisdiction shall not be disclosed to the public.

10. Respect the physician’s decision on medical reasons on his/her right to religious beliefs.

11. Respect the physician’s decision to choose whom he will treat.

12. Participate in the training of competent future health care providers.

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