Ambulatory Oncology Treatment Unit

Outpatient oncology treatment with optimum patient care and comfort

Capitol Med commits to providing total quality health care, thus establishing an Ambulatory Oncology Treatment Unit that marks a shift in cancer treatment administration, from in-patient to outpatient. It serves as a dedicated facility for stable cancer patients to receive chemotherapy, biologic therapy, or support treatment in a restful, comfortable, and controlled environment. Patients are assured of getting high-quality oncologic care from an appropriately trained and qualified medical nursing staff.

It’s the right care so patients can undergo treatment without being hospitalized. It balances treatment costs with quality care.

Services at a Glance

  • Standard chemotherapy or supportive therapy lasting from a few minutes to 6 hours
  • Targeted or biologic therapy lasting from a few minutes to 6 hours
  • Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections of supportive oncologic drugs
  • Hormonal therapies such as bisphosphonates, colony stimulating factors and hormonal depot formulations

Did You Know?

Cancer is among the leading diseases and causes of death in the Philippines and worldwide.


Data from the Philippine Cancer Society show cancer is the third leading mortality cause among Filipinos, topped by lung and breast cancers in Filipino men and women. These malignancies are on the rise in prevalence, and estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) on new cancer cases offer a not-so-encouraging picture: They are expected to increase over the next two decades by as much as 50% to 70% mainly due to progressively complicated lifestyles.


Fortunately, there’s hope. Significant advances in cancer treatment are taking centerstage. Aside from standard chemotherapy, new treatment modalities like targeted or biologic therapy as well as immunologic therapy offer cancer patients new options.


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