Labor or Birthing Room

The safest painless and comfortable deliveries in the hands of the best trained doctors

Our Labor or Birthing Room is designed for the patient’s maximum comfort and a memorable birthing experience. The room provides modern medical equipment, hand in hand with highly experienced doctors taking the lead in a safe, painless delivery. For an unforgettable experience, the father-to-be can be present with the patient during delivery and with the newborn during recovery.

Services at a Glance

Our Labor or Birthing Room is equipped with:

  • Fully automatic birthing bed
  • Piped-in oxygen
  • Fetal monitors
  • Room amenities such as personal table, TV, telephone, refrigerator, dining table, and sofa bed

Contact us:
Delivery Room
4th floor, Department of Ob-Gyn
3723825 to 44 local 1416


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