Eye Center

One-stop ophthalmology center for a healthy future in sight

The CMC Eye Center was established to expertly address eye disease and help lower the statistics of blindness among Filipinos. It was established in 1977 with the hope of providing a specialty facility capable of delivering outpatient diagnostic and interventional procedures to efficiently manage common eye disorders. It was envisioned to be a convenient one-stop ophthalmology center that can cater to the needs of eye specialists practicing at Capitol Medical Center and of patients referred by ophthalmologists practicing in nearby areas.

Since its birth, the Eye Center has emerged as a facility with meaningful relevance to the eye health community and doctors that it serves. It continues to commit to providing comprehensive eye care services to close gaps between demand and service delivery, address an ever-growing patient base, and live up to the trust and confidence of eye doctors in its diagnostic and treatment capabilities.

Services at a Glance

CMC's Eye Center provides patients with accurate diagnostic eye exams and treatments, including:

  • Fundus photography – This high-tech camera takes high-quality digital images of the retina. The retinal photographs are highly useful in diagnosing retinal vascular diseases, including diabetic retinal lesions, macular and retinal diseases, optic disc changes, intraocular tumors and pathologies, and diabetic retinopathy.
  • Fluorescein angiography – The procedure involves the injection of a special dye called fluorescein into the vein in the hand and after a negative skin testing. As the dye circulates into the blood vessels of the retina, serial rapid photographs of the retina – documenting the passage of the dye within the retinal vessels – are taken by a retinal camera through a dilated pupil.
  • Automated visual field / perimetry – The machine is used to define a patient’s field of vision, diagnosing glaucoma and other eye conditions like maculopathies, retinal conditions such as retinal detachment and diabetic retinopathy, and neurologic diseases with visual manifestations like strokes and brain tumors).
  • Argon laser photocoagulation – This interventional procedure is useful in the management of various retinal pathologies like diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, and even glaucoma.
  • YAG laser – This interventional procedure covers certain types of glaucoma, including eyes at risk for developing glaucoma, and for treating posterior capsule opacification after cataract surgery.
  • A scan biometer – This routine ophthalmic ultrasound measures up the eyeball length, which is important for the calculation of the intraocular lens (IOL) power that will replace an opacified lens in a cataract extraction surgery.
  • Optical coherence tomography (Topcon 3D OCT-2000) – This machine allows for the tomographic measurement of the retinal structures assessing its thickness and volume and their relation to disease states.

Did You Know?

In the Philippines, statistics on blindness is staggering. This includes:

  • Approximately a million Filipinos are blind in one or both eyes. The common causes of blindness include cataract, retinal and macular diseases, optic nerve diseases, glaucoma, and trauma.
  • Cataract is responsible for 80% of blindness. Retinal and macular diseases rank a distant second, together causing about 90% cases considered legally blind.

Our Eye Center were led by section chiefs who are accomplished and competent specialists in their own right. They include: Dr. Benjamin Cabrera, Jr., Dr. Gregorio Sison, the late Dr. Francisco Cruz, and Dr. Reynaldo E. Santos. It is currently headed by Dr. Alvin Agustin (Comprehensive Ophthalmologist) and ably supported by its active staff:

  • Dr. Marcelito Insilay (EENT)
  • Dr. Reynaldo E. Santos (External Eye Disease Specialist)
  • Dr. Gregorio Sison (EENT)
  • Dr. Benjamin Cabrera (Low Vision & Cataract Specialist)
  • Dr. Margarita Lat-Luna (Glaucoma Specialist)
  • Dr. Jesus Altuna (Glaucoma Specialist)
  • Dr. Michael del Rosario (Retina Specialist)
  • Dr. Angeles De Leon (Oculoplasty Specialist)
  • Dr. Cynthia Domingo (Comprehensive Ophthalmologist) and
  • Dr. Jennifer Carlos-Natalicio (Comprehensive Ophthalmologist)


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